Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where's 2008

Honestly, where did December go? For that matter the entire year. Last January 8th I kissed good-bye to Meg at the Airport and on the 9th good-bye to Daniel and Step. Wow, I then proceeded to go to Europe 3 times ( London, Paris, Germany, Prague), California 4 times (San Diego, Torrey Pines, Disneyland twice), Alaska(on a cruise), Seattle(and Victoria), Mexico (Mexico City, Pachuca, Xalitzintla, Nealtican), and probably somewhere I am forgetting. Oh, Midway!!!!

I had so much fun with everyone. We took a lot of great pictures and a million fun memories were created.

Also, we are still in the middle of our remodel. Painting the house is a much bigger project than we anticipated. We keep adding more. Probably the hardest part is parting with furniture that we purchased in the past and really do like. Most of it doesn't "fit" in this home. We are really happy with what we have done so far. The house feels warmer and more inviting. More like us.

Adam graduated from the "U" in May. That's huge, for anyone, I am really proud of him. He is working for Sentry West. What an accomplishment. Meg is in the business program at the "U" and has one more year. Her Semester abroad put her back a semester.

Mark was put in the High Counsel at the University Stake of Married Students. It has been a fun calling. He speaks everyother month and we have been teaching the Marriage class together. Those kids are great!!!!

I love my calling in the Young Women.

Well, I was happy when the scaffolding came down on Christmas Eve. We had our Christmas tree outside this year. It was pretty funny!!!

We are happy and healthy right now!!!! Yeah!!!!

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eden said...

I cannot believe it's been a year since the boys left! You sure made good use of your time!