Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I just found a blog by a Sister Missionary in Daniels mission. She posted a darling picture taken on Sunday. It was really fun to see Daniel in Pres. Li's (a recently released Stake President) home and with his companion. We are anxious to hear from Daniel today. He is always happy and optimistic. We love hearing from him and Step each week. 


Brenda Frandsen said...

There is an even better picture of Elder Cornelius farther down in the Frandsen Family blog---with Elder Woodmansee. By the way, this picture is not in President Hsu's home--but rather Stake President Li's home. Pres. Li was just recently released. I'm sure he will be serving somewhere soon as a Mission President. He and Sister Li are both AMAZING people. Elder Cornelius is one of our favorite missionaries. I believe we have some good shots of him in MaGong if you look under "older posts" at the bottom of the blog. I can't believe there are TWO of them---Elder Corneliuses!!! Lucky you to have TWO such fine boys!!

meg said...

mom, you are doing an awesome job on the blog! keep it up!

eden said...

Betty told me you had a blog and here it is. It was great to see the pictures and hear about what you all are doing. Ain't technology grand.

Great to have an endorsement by Daniel's fellow servants in China!