Tuesday, September 14, 2010

California and Dreamin!!!

I always forget that the pictures load backwards from how you want them. So this is my dreamin part!!! I would love to make these dolls I think they are adorable. Also I had the most points this week in Fantasy Football. So I'm dreamin of winning the whole thing!!

This was from our Seattle trip in August!!! We had beautiful weather and a ton of fun walking!!!

Cute picture of the Turley's just before World of Color started!!!
Evie loves Minnie until she actually sees her!!!

We had a blast in Disneyland again. Evie was so cute and loved all the little kid rides and was afraid of all the live charactors. Pretty normal I would say!!!We had a blast in Magic Morning!!! Rode a ton of rides!!! Dumbo four times with Evie!! World of Color was amazing!!! Great food everywhere. It was fun to see Captain EO which they brought back for good memories!! It was weird though!!! Anyway, I have loved our trips this year and we are now awaiting the arrival of Hunsaker girl # 2.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Going to Mexico is a lot of fun for us and usually a big adventure. This time was no different. Our flight was delayed a little and then we had the pleasure of trying to rent the van. We arrived at the hotel late and then found the great Restaurant Bryan suggested: Cambalache--- YUM. It is an Argentine steak house so we had steak. It was fabulous. Bruno (Our driver Martin's son) joined us halfway through. It was delicious and a lot of fun!!!
We arrived at the dif in Cholula and were disappointed to see the wheelchairs!!! They were all the same and wrong. We get better wheelchairs for our friends and specially made ones for the children. These will be traded out next week!!!! They served us three types of tamales and Thayne was brave enough to eat the hot one. Step likes the one with Mole.
We got delicious Ice cream down the hill from the pyramid in Cholula!!! Mine was pine nut!!! It was awesome.
Up in Xalitzintla our friend Elizabeth (her son Leno was our first student) made us some delicious soy enchiladas verdes. We really enjoyed them. She of course made the tortillas as well. You just can't get tortillas that taste like that here. She is a sweetheart and all of 4 feet and a few inches tall.

This is Step and Momo one of his favorite people. Step baptized Momo and was happy to see him.Step will be mailing the jersey he forgot to him soon. What a happy guy!!
This is the family of Rafa and Christy. We loved visiting with them and were impressed with their enthusiasm. We hope to make it back in November to see their new little baby. It's a boy!!!
The pyramid in the back ground is the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan. Thayne is on top of the Pyramid of the Sun there. We had quite and adventure getting there as we missed the turn off and came in the back way. Luckily!!!
The boys on the walk back to the car. The Pyramid of the Sun is in the background. We hustled to the airport after this and had some good Carls Jr. at the airport!! It was a great trip except for the faulty wheelchairs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well----this was the last lunch we had with Amy!!! She chose Corner Bakery and set it all up. Two weeks later she passed away. I believe this is the last picture we have of her. Thank you to the women that offered to take it of all of us together. We had so much fun that day. (March 25, 2010). Amy kept saying: "This is so much fun! This is my kind of place!" Amy loved being a great Aunt to Evie. She was the best Aunt to my kids. I will love her and miss her always. What a sweet sister!!
I love you Amy!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

People I love!!!!! So many!!

I couldn't ask for a better family!!!! I love each and everyone of them. It is just tooooo much!!!
Grandpa Mark!!!!!! Need I say more??? Yesterday, Britt and I tried to eat lunch with Evie at Dodo---- anyway, Evie thought she saw Grandpa at a table across the restaurant and kept yelling PAPA!!!!! It was so loud and funny. We walked her past the table to show her it wasn't him, but a few minutes later she began again!!! We had to leave we had lunch in 7 minutes!!!
We went to visit PAPA after that!!!

Is there a cuter family??? I don't think so!!! We are all so excited to be traveling together soon!!! Britt and Bry are doing great and we are lucky they live so close by!!!
Adam and Muy Muy are so awesome!! I love having them around!!! They are busy and lots of fun!! We get to have dinner with them alot and I love how they always clean everything up!!! Also they are both happy and lots of fun!!!
Way to go Thayne!!! He adds a great dimension to the family. He must be an outstanding shot, because he was the first one to get a Turkey and when they went deer hunting he got the first deer!!! This Turkey is beautiful and I really am curious to see what happens to it from here.
Thayne looks great in Camo!!!

Cute Megs keeps us all together. This is one of her blog posts. Since she is the official family photographer, I don't have the amount of pictures of her I want. I will steal her camera so I can get some. Megs is a dynamo!!!! She and Thayne make a darling couple.
I love this picture of Daniel, it was taken a couple days after arriving home from his mission. His friend made him a facebook page with it. Daniel doesn't love facebook but puts up with his friends helping him maintain it. Daniel is a great student and smart!! We love learning Mandarin from him and love it when he writes, speaks, and explains it.
Step is such a joy and is always interested in everyone. Here he is with Thayne last Saturday after the Turkey hunt. Step has been really ill with Mono and still manages to smile a ton. He is a happy fun person.

Of course Evie C. This was her Birthday Picture!!! She brings so much sunshine to the family!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I love Spring!!

This was a good day. Everyone sort of dropped in and we were able to have dinner together!!! Just missing Thayne (he works until 8p.m.). But we had a great visit so I forced a picture!!! Thanks everyone!
Just a taste of our added room (the man cave), but I love these book cases!!!! And the ladder arrived last week so now I can fill the upper shelves. I love this room and will do a blog about the whole thing. We are just waiting on one more repair!!
My kitchen table is where I love the color!!! These tulips were at Costco, so I picked up a bunch and we delivered some sunshine to a few people!!!
Britt, Evie, Meg, Amy, and I went to corner bakery last week!!! It was a blast!!! One of the Sunny Days, but don't let the Sun fool you, it's been cold!!!
I love the colors of Easter and I love this wreath (I have two, one in one out), it shows the sunny feeling I want in the house!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Little One-Or-Osa Bears First Year as a Grandma!!!

Hello Little One!!!! We welcomed little Evie into our lives on March 8th, 2009!!! It has been such a special year with her. She lights up all our lives and we can't wait to see what the future brings. We are so grateful that she is here and doing great. We love you Evie!!!
Hi DADDY!!!! Bry immediately took little Evie and really took good care of her!!! It was soooooo cute!
Proud Grandparents. First Grandchild for all of us. What a great day!!!!
Unky AD--- What a great guy and he loves to take Evie for airplane rides when Grandpa is not available.
Cutest Mom ever!!! Britt has had a wild year with a few visits to the hospital. We are glad she survived it all. Evie lights up all our lives.
Special bond forming here!!!!!
We loved her in her orange outfit, complete with a hat which she hated. She is not comfortable with anything on her head!!!

"Oh Hi!!!!!" Says Auntie Gems and gets a huge smile everytime!!!
How precious is this?????
Blessing day!!! Grandma Lisa bought this beautiful dress for Evie. Her Aunt Brittany loves her a lot. We blessed her at our home to accommodate a traveling Grandpa.
Our first outing to Thanksgiving Point Gardens it was so much fun! She did really well.
Happy Grandma!!!! Evie sleeping in my arms. That was a rare occurrence. My little bundle of love.
What's not to love???
Fun times in San Diego with the crew!!! She tolerated this hat for maybe about five minutes!!!
Evie loved the wedding balloons!!!! We kept some around for weeks afterward and they provided hours of entertainment!
Grandpa Mark took us to Torrey Pines and had a blast taking Evie on walks!!! "Wittow one" lights up his life!!!
Great Grandma Bets had fun with Evie at the Gardner Village Witch display!!! Isn't she a cute Great-Grandma!!!
Evie"s toy box provided hours of fun for Grandpa, Grandma, and Evie!!!!
Watching her start to walk was so much fun but also nerveracking!!! Our home is almost entirely tile floors. Not so good for a new walker!!!
We went to Disneyland at the end of January and this picture was taken by Megan. It will be one of my all time favorites!!! This little girl has brought so much joy to all our lives. I don't know what we would do without her!!!