Tuesday, April 13, 2010

People I love!!!!! So many!!

I couldn't ask for a better family!!!! I love each and everyone of them. It is just tooooo much!!!
Grandpa Mark!!!!!! Need I say more??? Yesterday, Britt and I tried to eat lunch with Evie at Dodo---- anyway, Evie thought she saw Grandpa at a table across the restaurant and kept yelling PAPA!!!!! It was so loud and funny. We walked her past the table to show her it wasn't him, but a few minutes later she began again!!! We had to leave we had lunch in 7 minutes!!!
We went to visit PAPA after that!!!

Is there a cuter family??? I don't think so!!! We are all so excited to be traveling together soon!!! Britt and Bry are doing great and we are lucky they live so close by!!!
Adam and Muy Muy are so awesome!! I love having them around!!! They are busy and lots of fun!! We get to have dinner with them alot and I love how they always clean everything up!!! Also they are both happy and lots of fun!!!
Way to go Thayne!!! He adds a great dimension to the family. He must be an outstanding shot, because he was the first one to get a Turkey and when they went deer hunting he got the first deer!!! This Turkey is beautiful and I really am curious to see what happens to it from here.
Thayne looks great in Camo!!!

Cute Megs keeps us all together. This is one of her blog posts. Since she is the official family photographer, I don't have the amount of pictures of her I want. I will steal her camera so I can get some. Megs is a dynamo!!!! She and Thayne make a darling couple.
I love this picture of Daniel, it was taken a couple days after arriving home from his mission. His friend made him a facebook page with it. Daniel doesn't love facebook but puts up with his friends helping him maintain it. Daniel is a great student and smart!! We love learning Mandarin from him and love it when he writes, speaks, and explains it.
Step is such a joy and is always interested in everyone. Here he is with Thayne last Saturday after the Turkey hunt. Step has been really ill with Mono and still manages to smile a ton. He is a happy fun person.

Of course Evie C. This was her Birthday Picture!!! She brings so much sunshine to the family!!!


Britt said...

What a cute post!! All of us love you so much too!!

megara said...

awesome post!!!! i love it !!!!!! great people and pics! i didnt see one of you though!!

love you!

seriously great pictures too!