Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Going to Mexico is a lot of fun for us and usually a big adventure. This time was no different. Our flight was delayed a little and then we had the pleasure of trying to rent the van. We arrived at the hotel late and then found the great Restaurant Bryan suggested: Cambalache--- YUM. It is an Argentine steak house so we had steak. It was fabulous. Bruno (Our driver Martin's son) joined us halfway through. It was delicious and a lot of fun!!!
We arrived at the dif in Cholula and were disappointed to see the wheelchairs!!! They were all the same and wrong. We get better wheelchairs for our friends and specially made ones for the children. These will be traded out next week!!!! They served us three types of tamales and Thayne was brave enough to eat the hot one. Step likes the one with Mole.
We got delicious Ice cream down the hill from the pyramid in Cholula!!! Mine was pine nut!!! It was awesome.
Up in Xalitzintla our friend Elizabeth (her son Leno was our first student) made us some delicious soy enchiladas verdes. We really enjoyed them. She of course made the tortillas as well. You just can't get tortillas that taste like that here. She is a sweetheart and all of 4 feet and a few inches tall.

This is Step and Momo one of his favorite people. Step baptized Momo and was happy to see him.Step will be mailing the jersey he forgot to him soon. What a happy guy!!
This is the family of Rafa and Christy. We loved visiting with them and were impressed with their enthusiasm. We hope to make it back in November to see their new little baby. It's a boy!!!
The pyramid in the back ground is the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan. Thayne is on top of the Pyramid of the Sun there. We had quite and adventure getting there as we missed the turn off and came in the back way. Luckily!!!
The boys on the walk back to the car. The Pyramid of the Sun is in the background. We hustled to the airport after this and had some good Carls Jr. at the airport!! It was a great trip except for the faulty wheelchairs.


megara said...

love the new blog layout! it is one of my favorites i've seen! looks like so much fun, and these are wonderful pics!!!! thayne has already told me so much about this trip it is fun to see the pictures that go with it!! love you!:)

TT said...

great pics!! it was definitely an awesome and very fun trip. glad I was able to go!!!

TT said...

seriously these are great pictures!

Britt said...

Very cute pics! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!