Monday, January 12, 2009


This morning I was up early (my usual) sending emails and "surfing", when I responded to an email Meg sent me last night. She of course was on up in her room, I was in my back room office, we began emailing back and forth. I just thought it was funny because we are in the same house, talking to each other not face to face. But what really got my funny bone was the fact that we could have done this in several ways. We have nine land line phones in this home, so we could have talked to each other in different rooms on those. We have four Cell phones which we could have talked, texted, or emailed from. We could  have skyped on one of our four desk top computers, or from our five laptop computers. I ended up walking up the stairs to her room and sitting on her bed for a minute. It was nice.

Anyway, we are over run with Technology in this house. We have six televisions mounted on walls, three others which are usable, and three just sitting unplugged. We have remote controls for fireplaces, window coverings, the sesame, and all the televisions, not to mention the garage. These are things unknown to me as a teenager. Anyway, I was thinking how nice these things make life but also how frustrating. They are never where they are suppose to be!!!!! 

Also, my list of things to do today include, emails, posting stuff on the family site, blogging, I do actually get to make some phone calls, but I will probably just leave messages on answering machines.  Anyway, I think am going to go and write to Daniel and Stephen with pen and paper. That will be nice too.


meg said...

hahahahaha...i did think it was a bit funny too that we were sending emails to each other at 6:30 am -

that was great...and so was our workout and the breakfast you fixed me.

Britt said...

This reminds me of the "Technology" song from Napoleon Dynamite!

meg said...

mom you make great posts!!

Papsk said...

You're a great blogger! Just be kind when you comment about me.