Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween ReCap ---from the last four years!!!!

I love Halloween!!! And we really celebrated this year!!! Britt and I took the girls to Mickey's Halloween party in Disneyland!!! It was a blast!!! There are several of these ghost Mickey's around the park, and you get to Trick or Treat at them. They set up about 5 candy stations at each on. Evie couldn't get enough.
We also went to Gardner Village a couple of times. We try to make it every year!!! We had a lot of fun. Here are a couple of pictures. Britt made a beautiful witch and Evie gets the cutest witch award!!! The great-grandmas were scary witches. I'll post a pic of them later. Ellie couldn't take her eyes off the witches so it's almost impossible to get a picture of her cute face. She was fascinated.
Britt and Evie from last year!!!!

Halloween Pumpkin carving 2008!!! Bets is the cutest!!!
Evie and her pumpkin in 2009
Trunk or Treat 2008
Evie and Britt in 2009. At the Corn Maze.
Us and the Evil Queen at Mickey's Halloween Party.
EVC and Cinderella---They turned out to be BFF's!!!!!!!!
Is Halloween getting bigger every year?????? Meg's had a huge party at our house and there are Halloween Teas everywhere, and Trunk or Treat parties!!!!! Anyway, It's a ton of fun!!! Hope yours was good too!!!

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