Tuesday, November 22, 2011


What a great year we are having!!!! Here is a glimpse of Ellie's first birthday!!! We had so much fun!!

Girls day out!!! I love any time with the girls!! We love traveling together.
Adam and Muy are a joy to have around and are a nice looking couple too.
Fun times in Deer Valley. We had a couple of Staycations to the Regent and then the Montage!! Of course that always includes a brunch at Stein Erickson Lodge!!! We can't go with out the little ones!!
Cute little Hunsaker family are the highlights where ever they are.

Britt, the girls and I had a lot of fun at the State fair. However the birds are not a favorite with Evie or Britt.
Ad and Muy are the movie gurus. This was just after Paranormal activity and Daniel showed up unexpectidly. It was a nice surprise but a little erie as well.

We had a great trip to San Fransisco with Meg and Thayne. We managed to fit in a Giants game, spend some time with Garth and family. The Bay Bridge is always spectacular. Are they a darling couple or what!!
These are the best boys!!!! Having a snack at Grandma D's.
I'm not sure how many times we have been on Tea Cups this year, but it has been a lot. More to come as well.
The trip to China was fantastic and I am grateful to have been with these four awesome men. They were delightful to travel with.

This scene is almost everyday!!! Grandpa Mark has found the new loves of his life and they feel the same way about him. Life is Good. I am grateful for my family and friends.


Dru Davis said...

It is so fun to read your blog and see your beautiful family. What a great year and it's not even over yet. Miss you and love you. Tell your family hello

megara said...

how fun! i love all of these pictures! you are the best! :)