Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun with myPhone!!

Yay, we all got our iphones in October and I have been practicing the picture taking with the camera. Some images are from the regular camera and some from Camera plus, which I love!!!Beautiful Phone!!! Taken with my Canon Camera.
Taken after a morning walk of the front door. With camera plus.
Ready for cooking class. Regular camera.
Obviously one of my first attempts and only picture of our Witches Breakfast outing. Don't the great grandmas look scary?????????
Lunch date with Britt and the girls after Evie's first haircut at Cookie Cutters. We had lunch at Pago on 9th and 9th. Delicious, but not kid friendly. Luckily Grandpa showed up to help.

Our Fireplace when working. Now fixed!!!!!
Cute and wonderful boys---says it all. Also not my best effort as they are adorable and not blurry in real life.


Britt said...

Fun pics! Best phone.

megara said...

so cute! you have blogged twice since i've checked your blog! go you!

Dru Davis said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful. So fun to see the pictures. Now that I am so far away I am so grateful for blogs!!