Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Time!!! Wish I had more!!!!

Little Humans or Big Humans it's still mind-boggling. But it sure is fun!!! Glad we had a fun weekend together--- minus all the comings and goings between--school---work---and church functions--- at least we got one dinner in together!!! I love Family Time!!!!
Only picture of Step and Bry!!!! Nice looking guys, even if I do say so myself!!!
These are mine!!!!!

We had a blast in Deer Valley, but the best was making smore's each night with homemade vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint or original marshmallows. My favorite was the vanilla. But we will never find Hot Chocolate as good as they make at the Montage!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

Life and Vacation with Grandchildren couldn't be sweeter!!! Especially with these two!!!
Didn't get much time with Daniel and Step, but I'll take whatever minutes I can get.
Cisero's on Friday night was great and Daniel made it just in time.

Nothing better than a Sunday walk through the mountains with the cutest little ones on Earth.
What a great Weekend. Smiles for me........


Britt said...

So fun!! Cute blog!

megara said...

love the pics!!!!

great post! :) so much fun. love you!