Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yes I love PINK---- here's a few PINK pictures from the last year at our home!!!
Best little PINK thing to happen in the last year!!!!!
Cute PINK Evie playing in the leaves last year!!!
Shades of PINK in the quilts we made for the Aaron Cramer family. He was killed in the war.
Liberty City Walk with it's PINK brick. One of Mark's awesome projects!!!
Awesome PINK tree in front of our Midway home. It was a beautiful day.
Daniel with PINK Balloon girl in Disneyland.
The PINK family in the hot tub at ST. Regis in Deer Valley. What you can't see are their beautiful golf tans.
A fun PINK moment is Park City this summer!!! I miss Diet Coke!!!!!
Had so much fun with this little one dressed in PINK at Yellowstone this year. What about that smile???????
The cuteset girls dressed in PINK!!! I thank Megan for her photography skills. This picture will be one of my favorites forever!!!
These PINK Valentine Hearts will be hanging in my home next Valentines Day for sure!!!

There are many shades of PINK. I seem to love them all. Especially when they have to do with the people I love.


Britt said...

Great blog! Very cute.

Britt said...
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