Monday, September 19, 2011

Had to be done!!!!!

Just a note---- Mark spoke in Church today up at the University Stake where he is serving. I did all the normal Sunday stuff--- Attended meetings, made dinner (a good one) for my family, studied the lessons, and enjoyed the yard. But when I got up on Sunday Morning and walked our to the kitchen I encountered-------

this mess!!! I've been looking at it all week and wondering when I was going to get to it!!! I got up Sunday Morning early (5:00 A.M.), that's actually when I usually wake up. I just thought, "it has to be done now". So I tackled it. And as usual, it didn't take that long. Also as usual, it was fun thinking about the memories that accompany all the stuff!!! Play time with Grand-daughters. Golf, lots of activities, and this cart is the drop off spot!!! But it was still amazing at some of the stuff that lands here.

Things in the Pencil Jar
2 golf tees
1 toothbrush????
sod repair tool
3 ball markers
5 letter magnets
pens pencils and scissors

All the other Stuff:
cinderella paint pallette
(ruined a few outfits)
Mc Donald's icarly toy
(from a visit on Friday night at 10:30)
1 stacking cup
two plastic horses
sidewalk chalk (Mark)
2 binkies (Ellie)
photo album (Me)
Italian Phrase book (?????)
tigger decal
mickey mouse magnet zoo
Two empty bags (mine--why didn't
I put them away a week ago
after cleaning them out
Barbie McDonals toy
Animal flash cards
Spool of blue thread
Party mints
Heart cookie cutters(2)
Chip 'n Dale pin
pamphlet (Orretors)
Utah Housing gave Mark a
Beautiful Bowl from there.

Eldredge Furniture Receipt
from 2009??????????
Magnetic Alphabet box
(several letters are all over the
St. Regis Hotel room key
(Love it there)
magnetic dresses for another game
paint brush
Dress up Doctor coat
Doctor kit
Pretty Princess--Busy Book
Magnetic Zoo--(several pieces are
missing and scattered everywhere,
this would have never been the case

when my kids were small--tired
Several Books
ABC magnetic game
Winnie the pooh magnetic game
3 large Children's book
purse kleenex
1 package boogie wipes
spool of blue thread
magazine (Wasatch Edible

7 dwarfs
Boa, and 3 sets of fairy wings
2 crowns
del taco coupons,
3 plastic spoons,
sticky note pad,
2 3X5 cards,
1 empty ziploc bag,
2 pocket farkel games,
Halloween stickers,
DVD insert (disney of course),
playing cards,
princess markers (too messy),
pieces from Evies Dr. kit,
nail file,
Garbage papers (just a couple)
Zebra Duct tape

Here it is!!! All done!! Hopefully it will stay this nice for a couple of days!!!


megara said...

hahahahahaha wow! i love this post! who knew that much would be in there? so funny!

Britt said...

I wouldn't bet it will stay clean for too long, with EVC on the loose!

Muy said...

The Italian book was my fault sorry! ha ha I thought I told adam to put it back in the man cave.