Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Boys and Me in China

We were lucky enough to go to China this year. We started out in Taiwan and Kaohsiung specifically. I will blog about that later. We had a great visit with Daniel's friends there.
Here's some of the China part of our trip.
Jingshan Park Beijing. Beautiful park and at the top you overlook the Forbidden City. Awesome.
Lama Temple!!! Our first site in Beijing......Took the Subway and Found it all on our own....
Forbidden City.
Tian an men Square--- Entrance to the Forbidden City.
Daniel eating a fish eye for extra blessings. The blessing was he didn't get ill.
Great Wall of China!!! Life-long Dream of mine. Check!!!
Boys on the Wall!!!
Mark walking along the Sacred Way at the Ming Tombs!!!
A nice looking bird near the nest!!!
Hutong Village Excercise Equipment!!!
The Soldiers!!!!
Riding the old city wall in Xi An.
One of these things is not like the others.....One of these things doesn't belong!!! (Thank You Sesame Street)
China Town in China--- Nicer than any China town I've ever seen. Bargains Galore. Fun way to end the trip!! Thanks Boys!!


Britt said...

Soo cute!! Love all the darling pics-you got some great ones!

megara said...

love the pictures!! my favorite ones are from the great wall and the bikes!

glad you guys had fun!