Sunday, April 10, 2011


Okay Daniel!!! Thanks for pushing me a little to blog. It's been since September so here a few of my pictures!!! Alot happens in a few months. This was a fun day!! Evie loved burying me in the leaves and then jumping on me. She is a blast!!!

I just think this is a darling picture of Ellie. Sunny day at the zoo---on the train. Evie was mad when we got off.
Evie loves Disney so much that she will ride with anyone!!! Plus she loves these two (Meg and TT)!!!
Cute Adam holds Ellie a lot!! She loves the way he carries her and he has a special connection with her already!!! I always like having him around with the girls because they love playing with him.
I have quickly gone to fourth place or probably farther on Mark's list of priorities!!! Really!!! Here he is with his two favorites, and Britt is their Mom so she's ahead of me too. I will say that he gets #1 Grandpa award.
Daniel and Step are the best!!! This was Ellie's blessing day. Mark and I love going to dinner about once a week with these guys. They are hard at work at BYU!!! I need more pictures of these two.
I love these towels. Britt traced, cut, and sewed these little handprints on cute spring towels for me. I'll have momentos of Evie and Ellie for a long time. They grow too fast!!! Britt is the cutest Mom.

Both my Maternal Grandparents birthdays are in March, so I spent a day with my Mom and sister, Julie. We went through the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU. It was fabulous!! I also attended it with Mark. There are beautiful paintings of Christ which usually reside in Chapels around Europe. BYU does an amazing job with their museum. Then we went to lunch at Los Hermanos on the way to the cemetary. My Grandmother's name is Aileen Noble Mills and my Grandfather's is Harold Lucas Mills.
It was a great day!!

Zoo days are a ton of fun!!! It was a little cold and this was April!!! We just have to see the Elephant and Baby Zuri, ride the train, and play on the slide. Evie likes to check out the baby Orangutan named Eve.

Finally one of the best things we do is go to Disneyland!!! A Lot!!! Many people think this is crazy, but we have so much fun there together, and just spend a lot of time talking and just being together. This is Meg, a penguin and Daniel!!! That ones for you Bud!!

I'll try to keep up!!!


Britt said...

So cute!! Great blog!

megara said...

love love love!!!! you have some great pics that i've never seen - you are a terrific blogger! :)