Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Stuff

We have had some fun things happen with the families this summer. BethAnn Broadhead and Chandler Turley were married on June 13th, it was a nice wedding. Their sealing was at the Salt Lake Temple and the reception was at Heritage Gardens. Meg took a lot of photos for them and some great ones of the family. It was a nice day!

We also had a ton of fun on the 4th of July. We spent a few days up at Midway, Utah. Ou
r place is in a community called Valais. Our address is 33 West Village Circle. It is lots of fun up there.
Anyway, we watched the fireworks which were shot off Memorial Hill. They were

great. We ate at Snake Creek Grill on Saturday night. Oh course eating the yummy Oreo, Ganache, Banana Cream pie. Yum!!!!

The Ellingson Family Reunion was this month. The activities were golf, swimming, farmer's market, quilting, BBQ, and then a great Talent show on Sunday!! Mom made Banana Cream pie which was delicious, especially the next day when she made me my own personal one with real crust! Thanks Mom!!!

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Britt said...

What??? You got your own personal pie with real crust??? You neglected to share that with me...