Monday, March 26, 2012

Where Have I Been????

"When are you going to blog again?" I keep asking myself. It's interesting that with the iPhone and instagram I feel like I'm keeping up with everyone, but I would like to blog to set some family markers!!! The first is that Evie turned 3 this month. She of course is the most darling, funny, smartest, kindest, most interesting and darling grandchild, along with Ellie. There really is no competition!!!!!!! Here we are celebrating her birthday at our house. Happy Birthday Evie!!!

Step and Aubrie along with Grandma "D" all good sports for wearing royal crowns for the Princess party.
Daniel and "Bets"!!!! It was fun to have both great-grandma's at the party.
Grandpa Mark in the Sleeping Beauty Dress!!! Evie in Cinderella and I am sure that I am being Lady Tremain in this episode!!! Ellie is just plain cute!!
Fun family picture at Evie's party.
Cutest picture of Ellie at Goofy's house. The Huns went to Disneyland to celebrate Evie's birthday.
A beautiful zoo day a couple of weeks ago. We got to ride the train. It's kind of a tradition!!!!!

Adam ran in the "Running of the Leopards" this last weekend. It was a great day for running. He accomplished his goal of running a 5k in under 16 minutes. He is a leopard.
Visiting our NEIGH----bor the other night with the girls. It was a beautiful night for a wagon/stroller ride.
I'm hoping to update more often now that I am not so worried about downloading photos off my phone!!!!

Have a great week to anyone who happens to read this!!!!!


Dru Davis said...

Where have you been. Makes me so happy to see pictures of your beautiful granddaughters. Are you getting hotter as you get older? That's not fair.

megara said...

love the new layout, and I agree with dru,you are hot!

Britt said...

So cute! Love you, Mom!