Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Day!!!!

Daniel returned on December 22nd, and Step returned January 11th!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
It was amazing watch them as they saw each other. It was great and very tender. They've grown a little in statue and a ton in spirit!!!! I love it!!!

Well, of course this says it all, the boys are back!!!. We are glad everyone is together again. Missing are Bryan and Thayne. We will get them soon. Anyway, Daniel and Stephen are back at
school at BYU. They look and sound great!! Evie wasn't quite sure what to think.


megara said...

Yay for the boys being back! Great post! I love our family picture at the airport! I was thinking we could send an email to extended family telling sunday would be a good chance to get a family photo taken :) what do you think? too complicate?

Britt said...

tGreat post!! Love the pics.