Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terrific Traveling Times

Carlos, Silvia, and Mark at their home in Pachuca
Well, more traveling has taken place since my last blog with Britt. Mark and I went to San Diego and stayed at Torrey Pines Lodge on the Golf Course. It was a blast. (Funny side note: this trip was paid for by Lehman Brothers, our host had to leave because the announcement of their failure came while we were in San Diego.) Mark and I were able to take many long walks together through Torrey Pines Park and we drove around a lot. We went to old town where we found out that our favorite restaurant is under renovation, but were we still able to share some great Mexican food. The Lodge is incredible and we loved being there. The Grand Californian in Disneyland is patterned after the Lodge so Mark was especially in Heaven. Anyway, it was a fun and fabulous get-away for us. Mark serves on the Board of Utah Housing Authority which is the reason for the trip!
Alma and Me after our Sunday Drive
Then we were off to Mexico to check on our students at Bene and a few of their families. We had fun with Adam and we were able to travel to Pachuca where he served for about 7 months. We met some families there that were special to him. We also visited with Carlos and Silvia Zepeda. Carlos was the Director at Benemerito when we first began the scholarship program.
Our Families in Xalitzintla
Step with his new Package from Us

We enjoyed time with Alma and Martin Diaz. Martin is our driver. They have been helpful getting us around and to our locations. We feel we have many friends in Mexico. We were also able to drop a package to the Mission Office for Step. From the picture he sent, it looks like he really enjoyed it.

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Britt said...

Very cute pictures! Looks like Mexico was fun!