Monday, December 19, 2011

Pictures Everyone!!!

Well I thought that the Christmas break would be a great time to take family pictures!!!!! Turns out there is never a great time. But it also turns out that family pictures are very important!! Especially to MOM's. They are a great marker of what your family looks like at a point in time.
I have found that most Men do not really like the whole idea!!!! And we have a lot of men in our family. (A couple of them didn't complain, but the pain was obvious.)
Thanks to Megan we got some good ones. She has all the equipment and know-how. You can see some of her fun stuff at or thistinygem on instagram. Meg and Thayne (above) are an adorable couple. We have had no snow this December so here is the drab backyard!!!
Adam and Jing are also adorable. Adam loves running and you can follow him at And Muy has a blog.
I like this picture of Mark and I. We are basically "empty-nesters" but manage to have a full house most of the time, which we love.
Britt, Bry, Evie, and Ellie are the cutest. They live two minutes away and provide alot of joy around here. I think Ellie spends most of her day with that big smile and Evie can pretend the socks off anyone. Watch out when you start to play with her. You will end up being (Evil queen, Jafar, or Ursula). She is always the princess or Mickey Mouse. Aren't they a beautiful family???
Well, here is the final product!!!! We are very handsome. This was painful however for just about everyone!!! But we all look like we are having fun here!!!! Anyway, here's a 2011 marker for me.
Thanks family!!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Here are a couple of my favorite instagram photos of the week!!!! Ellie discovered the button on this Winnie the Pooh Christmas ball. It shoots snow around Pooh and Tiger while playing Christmas songs. She would laugh and laugh and then turn it off. Then on again!!!!
I discovered "Princess Dumbo" in her Cinderella dress loading up Grandpa Mark with sticky notes. Those two can really make a mess!!!! Peas in a pod!!! So cute!!!!Have a great day!!!!